Hamam - sweat differently and relax

For example, anyone who spends their holidays in Turkey and wants to experience all the comforts of the foreign culture there will hardly be able to avoid the hamam. The Ottoman way of taking a sauna is becoming increasingly popular with more and more guests and is also being offered in slightly modified form in the home country.

Interesting facts about the Hamam

A special experience for your senses is the hamam bath.

The culture of the Hamam, like many other types of baths, has its origins in the tradition of the Greco-Roman thermal baths, but more than that it is concerned with the body, the skin and the personal well-being of the bathers.

In addition to the ritual washing, it is above all the foam-rich procedures, the centimetre-precise "kneading" of practically every single ankle and a pore-deep cleansing of the skin.

How does a hamam work?

The beginning of the Hamam is always the steam bath. In the middle of the room there is the so-called navel stone. There is room for several people, who sweat a lot here at 50 degrees temperature and 65% humidity. The moist warm air, completely without added fragrances, opens the pores and cleans the skin's glands.

Lathered from head to toe, a special massage pleasure awaits you.

Then the lifeguard, here called Tellak, steps into the actual action. This consists in a quite ceremonial procedure of a kind of massage, a thorough washing and intensive skin care. It seems to be quite rough, but nevertheless relaxing. The whole body is scrubbed with a special glove, so that practically all old, dead skin flakes are removed. At the same time the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated. After this course of the procedure, you feel like a cancer in hot water and look correspondingly red at first.

Using a small bag and a special procedure, curd soap is transformed into a lot of foam, which makes the whole body disappear under a dense carpet of foam. During this foam massage, every bone and joint is pushed and pressed back into its correct position, which may well lead to a corresponding noise. Afterwards, everything is back in place, the skin feels soft and rosy, and relaxation is at its best. Especially since at the end of the approximately half-hour ceremony, a peaceful time in the magnificent relaxation room awaits.

Familiar and simply good

Already in the times when the crusaders were still looking for their way through the occident, they brought this bathing culture to Europe, which quickly found its followers there. It was only the plague that put a stop to the fun of the hamam, as it was believed that it would promote the epidemic.

In the past decades, the hamam has regained a firm foothold in some regions of Germany. But the most successful and relaxing hamam still seems to be in its home country, Turkey. Give it a try!

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