Should one also go to the sauna in summer?

Sauna time all year round: discover the benefits of saunas in summer

It is widely known that a sauna session has health-promoting, relaxing and revitalising effects. Yet many of us associate the sauna mainly with the cold season - as a place to warm up and relax after spending a frosty day outdoors. But does taking a sauna only make sense in winter? Let's take a closer look at this common notion and find out why taking a sauna all year round - including the summer months - is not only sensible, but also particularly beneficial.

Taking a sauna in summer: a unique experience for body and soul

While the sauna often serves as a retreat from the cold in winter, it offers a unique opportunity to relax and refresh in summer. On hot summer days, the sauna can offer a very special way to cool down that goes far beyond the usual swimming.

Imagine a hot summer day. The sun is blazing and all you want is refreshment. Now imagine going into a hot sauna cabin, your body starts to sweat, your pores open up and afterwards you jump into a cool pool or spend your cool down period outside without freezing. This is an experience that is both refreshing and revitalising, and one that can be particularly enjoyed during the warm season.

In addition, the alternation of warmth and cooling has a positive effect on the circulation, and sweating allows for a pore-deep cleansing of the skin. The relaxing effect of taking a sauna remains even in summer and offers a welcome break from everyday life and helps to relieve stress.

The gentle summer sauna: a preparation for winter and more

Taking a sauna in summer is also a great opportunity to prepare the body for the cold season. Those who sauna regularly in summer can then more easily manage the transition to Finnish or steam saunas in winter.

In addition, regular saunas in summer are a great way to prepare the body for holidays in hot climates. The body is trained to cope better with the extreme heat stimuli and can thus adapt more easily to hot climates.

A feeling of freshness and invigoration after a summer sauna session

Sweating in the hot, humid air of summer is often compared to sweating in a sauna. But conditions in the sauna are different. It is a controlled space where the temperatures and humidity are set at a level that encourages sweating, making it possible for everyone to feel especially fresh and invigorated after taking a sauna in the summer.

The special infusions, which are only available in the sauna, further contribute to this feeling of freshness and invigoration. A sauna session can therefore be a welcome refreshment, especially on hot summer days.

More space for individual sauna enjoyment in summer

Another advantage of taking a sauna in summer is that public sauna areas are often less crowded during the summer months. This offers more space and peace for your individual sauna pleasure. You have more space available and can enjoy the peace and relaxation of the sauna even more.

Conclusion: Summer is the perfect time for the sauna

Although saunas in winter have their own benefits and charm, summer is also a great time to enjoy the positive effects of the sauna. So why not use the summer to give your body a soothing break, prepare it for the hot season and give yourself a refreshing cool-down? The sauna offers a very special way to enjoy the warm months to the full.

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