Sauna rules - The most important rules when taking a sauna

Sauna beginners - a cautious start is crucial

If you are entering the world of saunas for the first time, it is important that you start gently. The positive effects of a sauna bath on the immune system and the relief of muscle tension have been scientifically proven.

General sauna rules - the basics for a successful sauna experience

There are some general sauna rules that you should follow to optimise your sauna experience.

- General sauna rule no. 1: Take enough time

A sauna visit should not be rushed. A complete sauna bath usually takes about two hours.

- General sauna rule no. 2: Thorough cleaning

Before entering the sauna, you must thoroughly cleanse your body.

- General sauna rule no. 3: The right choice of place

In the sauna, sauna-goers lie down on a towel to ensure hygiene.

- General sauna rule no. 4: Spend the last minutes sitting down

The last two minutes of your sauna session should be spent sitting down. This helps your circulation to prepare for getting up and to get used to the upright position.

The right way to cool down

One of the most common mistakes sauna-goers make is jumping into the plunge pool immediately. Instead, it is advisable to cool down in the fresh air first.

Resting after the sauna

After your sauna session, it is advisable to take a rest period to promote relaxation.

After this resting phase, you can continue the sauna sessions in the same rhythm. As a rule, you repeat the procedure three times to achieve the desired health goals. As the sauna rules are not set in stone, sauna lovers can also do more sauna sessions if they wish. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in your sauna and enjoy the relaxing and health-promoting benefits of sauna.

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