The deadly sins in the sauna

The sauna is one of the most popular offers for wellness and the support of physical and mental well-being in Germany. In view of the widespread use of saunas in private and public areas, one would think that the basic rules are clear.

And yet, we are still surprised by contemporaries who confuse a visit to the sauna with something else and thus cause the displeasure of other sauna guests or reduce the effect of the sauna for themselves and others.

Among the often observed deadly sins in the sauna are

Sauna in swimwear and slippers

Neither has any business in the sauna. The sauna is naked, dressed with a sufficiently large and clean cotton sauna towel. Any kind of shoes has no place in the sauna.

  • Doing without cooling off

A bad habit that is becoming more and more widespread and calls into question the health effect of the sauna.

  • Telephoning in the relaxation room

Absolute silence applies to the relaxation room. Even mobile phones and smartphones have no business there. At best a book or perhaps listening to soft music via headphones would still be legitimate here.

  • Loud conversations in the sweat room

Loud conversations should also be avoided in the sweat room. The quieter the atmosphere in the sauna, the more pleasant the psychological effects.

  • Leaving the sweat room during infusion

This is often completely misunderstood. If you cannot cope with the increased heat effect of the sauna infusion, sit down on the lower benches from the beginning or leave the sauna before, but not during the infusion. It is also important to leave the sauna quickly before you suffer a heat stroke. With an "apology" you have mastered the situation well.

  • Do not use a sauna towel or a sauna towel that is too small

The sauna is not intended to show off your own physical advantages. For reasons of hygiene and decency, a sauna towel should always be used. This will cover your pubic area and at the same time ensure that your sweat is collected and does not collect on the wooden benches and on the floor in unpleasant little puddles.

Hectic does not belong in the sauna

If you do not bring enough time with you, the sauna will be less relaxing and above all hectic. This not only has a negative effect on the effect, but also disturbs other sauna guests.

Avoid at least these deadly sins in the sauna and look forward to some relaxing and health-promoting hours in the sauna.

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