The deadly sins in the sauna

The nudity rule: sauna in swimwear and slippers

One of the best-known basic rules of the sauna is nudity. When taking a sauna, you should avoid any form of swimwear and instead use a sufficiently large and clean cotton sauna towel. This cloth is not only for hygiene, but also to protect the wooden benches and the floor from unpleasant puddles of sweat. Shoes of any kind definitely have no place in the sauna.

Neglecting to cool down

One bad habit that is unfortunately becoming increasingly widespread is not cooling down after a sauna session. Cooling down is an integral part of the sauna experience and contributes significantly to recovery and improved health. Ignoring this important phase not only reduces the health benefits of the sauna, but can also lead to discomfort.

Silence in the relaxation room: telephone calls taboo

The relaxation room in the sauna should be an oasis of peace and relaxation. Mobile phones and smartphones have absolutely no place in this room. Instead of loud phone calls, guests should, if possible, resort to quiet activities such as reading or listening to soft music with headphones in order to preserve the harmonious atmosphere.

Consideration in the sweat room: refrain from loud conversations

It is also important to remain calm in the sweat room. Loud conversations can disturb the relaxing atmosphere and reduce the mental effect of the sauna. Respectful interaction means respecting the needs of other sauna guests and keeping the volume reasonable.

The right time for the infusion

Leaving the sweat room during an infusion is a controversial matter. It is important to understand that infusions can create a more intense heat that not everyone can tolerate. If you have difficulty with the increased heat effect of an infusion, you should either sit on the lower benches from the beginning or leave the sauna before the infusion begins. However, it is unacceptable to leave the room during the infusion and disturb the other sauna guests in the process. In such cases, a polite "excuse me" is appropriate to clarify the situation.

The sauna towel: more than just hygiene

Bringing and using an appropriate sauna towel is not only a matter of hygiene, but also of decency. The towel serves not only to cover the body and protect the pubic area, but also to catch sweat and prevent unpleasant puddles on the wooden benches and floor.

Avoid a hectic pace: Take time for relaxation

Another common mistake is to rush while taking a sauna. If you do not take enough time to relax in the sauna, your sauna session will be less relaxing and may also disturb other guests. Plan enough time to enjoy the sauna to the fullest and avoid compromising the relaxing atmosphere by keeping to a tight schedule.

By avoiding these common deadly sins in the sauna, you can ensure that your sauna experience is enjoyable and relaxing not only for yourself but also for other guests. Treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation and health promotion in the sauna and enjoy the beneficial effects of this popular wellness activity.

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