Skin care after the sauna

Keeping your skin soft and supple

Taking a sauna remains one of the most popular ways to relax, boost the immune system and cleanse the skin. Time and again, the intriguing question arises as to how best to care for the skin after taking a sauna. There is no general answer to this question, but there are a few tips that can be helpful.

Sauna is pure skin care

Taking a sauna in itself is pure skin care. The high temperatures open the pores, sebum is eliminated and the sweat helps to flush away dead skin cells. Moreover, especially under the extreme conditions of the sauna, the skin strives to establish its own balance. These are the reasons why the skin feels so supple and soft after saunas and is ultimately even pore-deep clean.

No shower gels directly after taking a sauna

A thorough shower with appropriate cleansing and care products is an absolute must for many people before taking a sauna. For hygienic reasons alone. After the last sauna session, however, shower gels, soaps and similar products should be deliberately avoided. In the sauna, the skin has cleansed itself and does not need any further care if it is healthy. This may be different for pre-exposed skin and special skin types.

Tailor-made skin care

Special skin care is only necessary if there is a real need for it. This can be the case, for example, with very dry skin. In this case, it is recommended to use moisturising products without perfumes and other artificial additives. If possible, the skin should still be warm but not wet. Moisturising lotions are usually absorbed within a few seconds and do not leave a greasy film.

If your skin is healthy, sufficiently moist and oily, it is not necessary to treat it with special care products directly after the sauna. This would only disturb the pH balance of the skin, clog the pores and encourage new sebum to accumulate in the pores. It is better to leave your skin in its natural state directly after taking a sauna and thus give it the opportunity to form an individual balance of moisture and lipids. This also promotes the natural protective film on the skin, which not only protects against infections but also keeps the skin supple and soft.

If in doubt - Inform yourself

If you don't know your skin type exactly or if you feel the need to apply special care especially after a sauna, you should consult your dermatologist in advance. Good dermatologists know very well what is good for the skin in particular after the sauna and what is not. In addition, experienced dermatologists can recommend good products for skin care after the sauna. As a rule, however, you can happily do without them and trust the natural effects.

For regular sauna users, it is also worthwhile to simply observe the behaviour of your skin after the sauna. Then you will quickly find out how your skin reacts to the sauna and whether it makes sense to apply additional care products directly after the sauna. Even though they often smell good, they are no guarantee that you are really doing something good for your skin.

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