Daily use of infrared cabin - Is it healthy?

Is it healthy to use an infrared cabin every day? The short answer beforehand: Sweating once a day for about 30 minutes in the cabin under infrared light is perfectly fine. Several times a day would be too much of a good thing and would no longer have any health benefits - though (if you drink enough) it would hardly do any harm either.

Classic sauna versus infrared cabin - aren't they similar?

The classic sauna with electric sauna heater and sauna control is based on very hot air, which practically pushes the heat into the body. This dilates the vessels and promotes blood circulation, and we sweat a lot. The subsequent shower removes the toxins that have been flushed out through our skin. The infrared cabin works with heat rays whose heat penetrates deeper into our skin. The circulation is less stressed and the temperatures are also significantly lower (~40 - 50 °C). The heat production takes place in our body, a deep heat effect is created. Some of our body structures absorb the infrared radiation very well, the muscles being one of them. There is an intramuscular increase in blood circulation, which reaches the entire body very effectively via the circulatory system. Sweating in a classical sauna makes us lose mainly common salt and only a few toxins, in the infrared cabin we also sweat out lactic acid and even more harmful substances.

Daily use of the infrared cabin: How long per session?

We go to a sauna several times, to the infrared cabin only once for a slightly longer time (about 30 minutes). On the other hand, most people use their infrared cabin at least two or three times a week, while even regular sauna-goers hardly ever sweat more than once a fortnight. When it comes to the basic comparison of frequency, the infrared cabin comes out on top; it can also be visited daily. There are reasons for this. Although it leads to the secretion of considerably more sweat (double or even triple compared to the classic sauna), the low temperatures are more gentle on the circulation. People who have to fear cardiovascular problems are better off in the infrared cabin than in the classic sauna.

The infrared cabin is also said to have somewhat healthier effects overall because it eliminates more chemical pollutants from the fatty tissue. In winter, some people seek out their infrared cabin frequently to stimulate the release of endorphins and the production of vitamin D, significantly boosting the immune system and thus protecting the body and psyche.

How does the infrared sauna work?

Apart from the pure feel-good effect, sweat removes dead skin cells during a stay in an infrared cabin. This improves the tone and elasticity of the skin, it helps with skin problems such as eczema, acne and cellulite. The infrared rays are also considered a "fat killer". Dehydration of the body takes place in the infrared cabin just as it does in a classic sauna. It is therefore important to drink plenty of fluids in any case.

Operation of the infrared cabin

In contrast to a sauna, an infrared cabin does not need to be preheated. The infrared rays heat the skin tissue when they hit it and not, or hardly, the room air. The temperature can be adjusted, some users choose only 30 - 35 °C, but this is considered rather ineffective. Users can lie or sit in an infrared cabin. It is advisable to shower before use and afterwards - before, because the cleansed skin sweats better, afterwards, to wash off the sweat and thus all harmful substances. There is no age limit for the infrared cabin. In case of health problems of any kind, it is advisable to consult a doctor beforehand. Small children should be placed on their laps by their mothers. The hand on the child's forehead provides information about whether the temperature could be too high: The forehead should be intensely warm, but by no means hot. Smaller children should never use the infrared cabin alone.

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