The advantages of an infrared cabin

Sweating in the sauna is healthy. The warmth is good for body and soul. But what is better: sauna cabin or infrared cabin? Either that, or you don't have it here, because strictly speaking everyone should have both available. But if you have to decide, an infrared cabin is a good choice.

Healthy sweating with the infrared cabin

Sweating strengthens the immune system, the main effect being achieved through the change in temperature. So if you go into the plunge pool after the sauna, you will increase the health effect of the sauna visit. Even if you are ill, sweating can be dangerous, but in this case you should consult your doctor before going to the sauna or infrared cabin.

Regular and frequent sweating changes the body's defence mechanisms. Thermal stimuli ensure that the body produces more and more killer cells, which are available during illness. Especially during the cold period, it becomes apparent how beneficial sweating can be.

The metabolism and the musculature are also positively influenced. The body purifies, toxins are eliminated. Important: For such a positive effect, you must regularly go to the sauna or infrared cabin. If you only want to relax mentally and physically, a single visit is also profitable.

How does the infrared cabin work?

In a normal sauna, the temperature in the cabin is so high that the body is also heated. The sauna heater is regularly heated and emits the heat that is being transported. The temperatures can reach up to 80°C. An infrared cabin, on the other hand, can only reach temperatures of up to 60°C. Responsible for the heat generation are surface heating elements, which are located on the walls of the cabin. The heat is not generated in the entire room, but only when it hits the skin. Here it is the body itself that provides the heat production. It is therefore a possibility to stimulate the body to sweat itself, it must become active. This strengthens the immune system even more.

advantages of the infrared cabin

  1. The heat is only generated when it hits the skin, not all the air is heated. The warmth penetrates deep into the body within a very short time. It can act directly, without delay or loss of effect. The deep warmth generated in this way is perceived as very positive, especially in cases of joint problems or tension, and is comparable to the effect of a red light lamp.
  2. Sweating itself is another advantage. The body releases toxins, it purifies. This can be very positive, especially for people who have problems with water retention. The metabolism is positively influenced and the body can be better supplied with blood.
  3. The infrared rays are comparable in their effect to the influence of the sun. It emits happiness hormones and endorphins, which have a positive effect on the feeling and the entire body. In the infrared cabin everyone can get his personal portion of happiness.
  4. The infrared cabin works very energy-saving. The energy consumption is only 1.5 kWh, whereas it is about 7.5 kWh for a sauna cabin. The reason for this is that the infrared cabin heats up within a very short time, or the deep effect on the body is created within a few minutes.
  5. The infrared cabin usually requires less space than a sauna cabin.

Additional plus points

Sweating is good for the body and makes us feel good. The infrared cabin can increase this positive effect even more, because it ensures that the energy balance in the body is improved. This is achieved by purifying the body and supplying it with more oxygen. The whole blood circulation is better, so more oxygen can be transported.

Even skin problems can practically disappear into thin air through sweating. The reason:

Sweating also removes toxins from the skin and sweat carries impurities outwards. While sweating is produced from the outside in the sauna, the body has to sweat from the inside out in the infrared cabin. Pollutants are thus better removed. The skin is cleaned and the pores are more or less flushed out. A single visit to the infrared cabin is sufficient for this, although the effect is naturally better if the cabin is visited regularly. The sauna can be used for several sessions, and the body is cooled down in the plunge pool or under the shower. The treatment in the infrared cabin lasts a maximum of half an hour, but can also be finished after only 20 minutes. During this time more sweat is released, so this comparatively short visit is quite sufficient. A visit to the sauna lasts considerably longer. Here the first course takes about a quarter of an hour, followed by the application of cold water. The break for rest is kept with half an hour. Then follows the second course. A total of three courses are recommended. The infrared cabin is therefore also suitable for people who have a little less time and still want to do something for their health and well-being.

The sauna is also suitable for children, who should be at least six years old. In addition, a doctor should be consulted in advance. As the temperatures in the infrared cabin are considerably lower, children can be taken into the sauna earlier. Even pregnant women often find the infrared cabin more pleasant. In any case, it should be pointed out once again that a doctor should always be consulted beforehand. A visit to the infrared cabin is not completely harmless if, for example, you suffer from a circulatory disorder, pregnancy or health problems. If you really want to enjoy the infrared cabin, you should take precautions to make sure you are covered by a doctor.

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