The advantages of an infrared cabin

Do you sweat in the sauna or in the infrared cabin?

Do you sweat in the sauna or in the infrared cabin? The question of which is the better option is not so easy to answer. Everyone should actually have both available. But for those who have to choose, the infrared cabin offers some advantages.

Healthy sweating with the infrared cabin

Sweating strengthens the immune system, and the greatest effect is achieved through the temperature change. If you go into the plunge pool after the sauna, you increase the health effect of the sauna visit. In case of illness, however, a doctor should be consulted before visiting the sauna or the infrared cabin.

Regular sweating leads to changes in the body's defence mechanisms. Thermal stimuli promote the formation of "killer cells", which help to fight diseases. The positive effect of sweating is particularly evident during the cold season.

The metabolism and the musculature are also positively influenced. The body detoxifies and eliminates toxins. Important: For this positive effect, regular saunas or visits to the infrared cabin are necessary. If you only want to relax, a single visit is already beneficial.

How does the infrared cabin work?

In a normal sauna, the temperature is so high that the body is heated up. The sauna heater generates heat. In an infrared cabin, on the other hand, temperatures of only up to 60 °C are reached. Surface heating elements on the walls of the cabin generate the heat. The heat is only generated on the skin when it hits. The body generates the heat itself, which further strengthens the immune system.

Advantages of the infrared cabin

  • The heat penetrates deep into the body and acts directly on the skin. This is particularly beneficial for joint problems and tension.
  • Sweating helps detoxification and improves metabolism.
  • The infrared rays are similar to the effect of sunlight and promote the release of endorphins.
  • The infrared cabin is more energy efficient than a conventional sauna.
  • The infrared cabin requires less space.

Other plus points

Sweating is good for the body and makes us feel good. The infrared cabin can increase this positive effect even more because it ensures that the energy balance in the body is improved. This is achieved by purifying the body on the one hand and supplying it with more oxygen on the other. The overall blood circulation is better, which means that more oxygen can be transported.

Sweating can even make skin problems practically disappear into thin air. The reason:

Sweating also brings toxins out of the skin, sweat carries impurities to the outside. While in the sauna sweating is produced from the outside, in the infrared cabin the body has to sweat from the inside, so to speak. Pollutants are thus better removed. The skin is cleansed and the pores are more or less flushed. A single visit to the infrared cabin is sufficient for this, although the effect is of course better if the cabin is visited regularly. In the sauna, several sessions are necessary, and in between the body cools down again and again in the plunge pool or under the shower. The application in the infrared cabin lasts a maximum of half an hour, but can also be finished after 20 minutes. During this time, more sweat is released, so this comparatively short visit is quite sufficient. A visit to the sauna takes much longer. Here, the first course lasts about a quarter of an hour, followed by the application of cold water. The rest break is half an hour. Then the second course follows. A total of three courses is recommended. The infrared cabin is therefore also suitable for people who have a little less time but still want to do something for their health and well-being.

The sauna is also suitable for children, although they should be at least six years old. In addition, a doctor should be asked for advice beforehand. Since the temperatures in the infrared cabin are much lower, children can be taken here at an earlier age. Pregnant women also often find the infrared cabin more pleasant. In any case, it should be pointed out that a doctor should be consulted beforehand. A visit to the infrared cabin is not completely safe if, for example, you have a circulatory disease, are pregnant or have a health impairment. Anyone who really wants to enjoy the infrared cabin should seek medical advice beforehand.

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