Should you go to the sauna in summer too?

The health-promoting, relaxing and vitalising effects of the sauna are widely known. However, it is often assumed that a regular sauna only makes sense in the cold season. This is when the different heat and cold stimuli can have a particularly good effect and it is anyway more sensible to support the immune system in winter than in summer.

Sauna throughout the year

Even if the view described above has its justification, taking a sauna is worthwhile throughout the year. Also in summer, the sauna is the special way to spoil body and soul. Thereby, taking a sauna can be made especially interesting in summer, when, for example, the sauna session is combined with swimming in the outdoor pool or the cooling down phase can take place outside without freezing. Even though hardly anyone needs the sauna cabin in summer when the weather is warm to heat up a frozen body, the benefits of the sauna for the circulation, for the skin and for the immune system remain the same in summer. The alternation of heat and cooling stimulates the circulation, the skin can be cleaned deep into the pores and the relaxing effect of the sauna remains pleasant even in summer.

Gentle summer sauna prepares for the winter

For example, if you spoil yourself with the advantages of the so-called bio sauna in summer, you will have fewer adjustment difficulties in winter as well, for example when visiting the classic Finnish sauna. In addition, regular saunas can also be a good preparation for holidays in hotter climates during the warmer season. Then the body already knows how to deal with the special heat stimuli.

Summer sweating in hot and humid air is often compared to going to the sauna. However, in a sauna the room climate conditions are completely different. So it is no wonder that passionate sauna-goers feel particularly fresh and agile after the sauna even in summer. The special infusions, which are not available outside anyway, also contribute to this. The summer sauna offers another unbeatable advantage, especially for visitors to public sauna areas: In the months between June and September it is relatively empty, so that there is much more space for individual sauna enjoyment.

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