Why is the sauna so healthy?

What are the advantages of a sauna?

Wellness is becoming more and more popular. At the latest since the latest developments in the health care system, everyone wants to do as much as possible for preventive health care. After all, being ill has become expensive and dangerous in Germany. After all, even a minor flu infection can lead to absences from work, which could be enough to lose one's job. No wonder, then, that everyone wants to pay attention to preventive health care. And right at the top of the popularity scale is the number one germ killer, the sauna.

A special kind of preventive health care - a visit to the sauna

When you take a sauna, the heat of the sauna causes different reactions in the human body. For one thing, the temperature of the skin increases by about 10 degrees. This ensures that the pores open up and the warmth can go deep under the skin. On the other hand, the body temperature also rises by about 1 degree and signals a slightly feverish temperature to the body. Since the human body always tries to keep the body temperature at a constant 37 degrees, it will react accordingly by sweating to cool down and activate its natural defences. Defence substances such as immunoglobin A are released into the blood and take up the fight against viruses and bacteria. In this way, the first possible infections are prevented from breaking out at the birth and the immune system is strengthened.

Toughening up is everything - the circulation sends its regards

The climate prevailing in the sauna cabin, with a great heat of up to 100 degrees Celsius, also has an effect on the blood vessels. They are dilated by the heat and allow more blood to circulate. The stimulated blood circulation ensures that waste products are removed more quickly. If the body is suddenly cooled down after a sauna session by immersion in cold water, this stimulates the circulation and metabolism. As a result, the blood vessels contract again and the harmful substances are excreted through sweat. Through the constant change between heat and cold, the sauna bath trains the blood vessels, which are thus better able to adapt to temperature fluctuations. At the same time, waste products and harmful substances are removed from the body, which would be responsible for the development of diseases such as rheumatism, flu-like infections, colds and gout. The strengthening of the blood vessels also has an effect on the work of the heart muscle. Accordingly, sauna users are less likely to suffer a heart attack.

When your back is aching, go to the sauna

The pleasant warmth of the sauna also has an effect on the muscles. The muscles are loosened, the tendons are stretched and tension is relieved. In addition, the alternation of warmth and cold has a training effect on the muscles, causing them to tense up and loosen up. The muscles are thus slowly strengthened and tension is less frequent. Therefore, sauna sessions after strenuous sporting activity are an optimal compensation and prevent the hated muscle soreness. However, you should allow some time to pass between the sport and the sauna visit so as not to overload the body.

Taking a sauna - wellness for beauty

Regular saunas make for healthier skin. The warmth opens the skin pores so that excess sebum and waste products can be flushed out. In some types of sauna, such as the Turkish steam bath, the sauna bath includes a gentle peeling to remove dead skin cells. This improves the oxygen supply and the skin can breathe freely again. The blood circulation of the skin is also stimulated by the heat and cold changes and the tissue is tightened. Therefore, problems such as cellulite can also be alleviated and the complexion appears soft, rosy and noticeably fresher after the sauna bath. The sauna thus provides a natural cosmetic treatment free of charge.

More strength for everyday life - the soul needs relaxation

The sauna also gives the psyche the time out it needs to regenerate. Due to the warmth, breathing is calmed. Breathing evenly makes the sauna-goer feel more balanced and relaxed. The person relaxes completely. Mind and body are thus brought back into harmony. Then comes the refreshing plunge into the cool water, which has a revitalising effect on the soul. In the relaxation room, sauna lovers can simply let their thoughts wander and free themselves from the stresses of everyday life. The next sauna session brings the desired relaxation again. Through the alternation of rest, relaxation and stimulation of the body, the soul is also involved and the sauna-goer draws both physical and mental energy and strength for the next stressful day. The sauna is therefore a holistic measure that helps both the body and the soul to achieve health and well-being.

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