Your own sauna cabin: tips and tricks

The cold season is sure to come and with it the desire for warmth and security.

Are you one of those who long for a woollen blanket and thick socks in the cold months and would prefer to hibernate in front of the fireplace? Then there is a way to keep warm and do something for your own health at the same time: your own sauna cabin!

Advantages of regular sauna use

Regular sauna use is an excellent way to prevent illness. This has even been scientifically proven. The body's defences are strengthened and the entire immune system is stimulated. Of course, even those who go to the sauna twice a week are not immune to flu and the like. But it has been proven that the number of antibodies in the blood is increased. The alternation of warm and cold has the effect of stimulating blood circulation and thus supplying all the cells of the body better with oxygen.

Unfortunately, a frequent visit to the sauna is often opposed by the inner pig dog. It growls at the door and prevents you from going to the sauna in all weathers. What can you do? Outsmart this annoying animal and build your own sauna. However, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Planning is the be-all and end-all

If you have decided to build your own sauna cabin, planning is the most important thing. The sauna should not only serve to prevent illness, but it should also be a place of rest and relaxation. A beautiful ambience is therefore simply part of it. Today, the sauna is therefore no longer banished to the cellar, but is sometimes even integrated into the living room. Of course, your own preferences play a role here. But it has been proven that the sauna is visited more often when the users feel comfortable and the cabin is not hidden in the farthest corner of the house. If you have a large bathroom, this is just perfect. Here you can integrate the sauna cabin well. But the cabin is also fine in the garden, in the conservatory or in a converted attic. The most important thing is that the shower or bathtub is within easy reach. An unobstructed view of the garden or nature is considered very relaxing, so a sauna with a large glass front might be worth considering.

Requirements for a sauna cabin in your own home

The manufacturers of sauna cabins focus on functionality and design. But it is precisely the design that makes sauna cabins fit in excellently even in a living room ambience. However, there are a few points to bear in mind.

1. space: A sauna needs space, as well as connections for water and electricity. Consider whether you can find the necessary space and whether a sauna really makes sense for you. Also consider the subfloor, which must be smooth and water-resistant. Tiles are the best choice here.

2. ventilation: To avoid moisture damage throughout the room or house, the sauna must have vapour-proof insulation. However, this keeps a lot of moisture in the cabin. The sauna must therefore have good ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is a must, but a window is a suitable alternative.

3. cooling: Heat and cold must alternate for the positive effect of sauna to set in. It is advisable to have a shower in the immediate vicinity of the sauna cabin. This way you can cool down your body directly after the sauna session. It is also important that your body needs oxygen when it comes out of the "sweat box". Ideally, you should have direct access to fresh air. A patio door is the best solution.

4. relax after the sauna: The body needs relaxation after a sauna. Therefore, make sure that there are couches or sofas near the sauna cabin.

5. heating the cabin: If you set up a Finnish sauna, temperatures of up to 90 °C or even higher will prevail there. How quickly such high temperatures are reached depends on the size of the cabin. An electric sauna heater heats up a cabin the size of quickly. For a sauna cabin of you need a sauna heater with a power of. If infusions are not so important to you, it is a good idea to install an underbench heater. This is particularly space-saving.

6. the power connection: As a rule, you need a power connection for the sauna. Electrical supply lines are usually - this is a matter for a specialist. He will lay the cables and ensure that the sauna heater is connected correctly.

7 And the environment? Surely you have already thought about the environmental aspects. If you heat with wood, you are on the environmentally friendly side. It is a renewable resource and CO2 neutral.

So there are a few things to consider when you decide to build your own sauna cabin. But if you do everything right, nothing will stand in the way of perfect relaxation!

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