Bio Sauna - What does it mean?

A bio sauna is a gentle variant of the Finnish sauna. Here, a comparatively lower room temperature of about 55 degrees Celsius is generated with a combination sauna heater. In contrast to other types of sauna, the humidity is higher, at around 40 to 55 percent.

In addition, different phases of sweating and cooling are passed through. In this way, the bio-sauna has a health-promoting and skin-caring effect. Over the years, it has become more and more established and can therefore be found in numerous thermal spas and saunas.

Bio sauna - essential oils and special light

Another special feature of the bio sauna is that, due to the low temperatures, no infusions are used. Instead, a small container is placed in which various essential oils can be found.

These provide a lasting pleasant scent in the sauna. Depending on which aroma is used, different parts of the body or even the senses can be addressed. Often, a bio-sauna also has special lighting. These enable light therapy and can also be combined with sound therapy.

What effect does the coloured light of the bio sauna have on the body?

The constant change of colours can produce various positive effects:

  • Calming
  • Relaxation
  • Relief of various skin problems
  • Lifting the mood

In addition, a stay in a bio-sauna is comparatively gentler on the circulation than in other types of sauna. And because of the low temperatures, it is possible to stay longer (up to half an hour) in the sauna. However, if various complaints occur, the sauna should be left immediately.

What are the differences between the bio sauna and the Finnish sauna?

In terms of structure, the bio sauna is similar to the well-known classic Finnish sauna. The biggest difference, however, is the temperature. As already mentioned, the temperature in the bio sauna is only 45 to 60 degrees Celsius, whereas in the Finnish sauna it is up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Target groups and effects of the bio sauna

These mild temperatures have a particularly gentle effect on the circulation. Therefore, the bio sauna is particularly suitable for people who suffer from respiratory or circulatory problems in the Finnish sauna. However, children from the age of six can also visit the sauna. However, the advice of a doctor is still preferable here!

Another positive effect that can be achieved by visiting a bio-sauna is the sweating out of various waste products. These accumulate in the human body through food or also various environmental toxins. And through the alternating sweating and cooling down, the blood circulation is promoted and the circulation is stimulated.

Especially in cold seasons, regular visits to the bio-sauna can be worthwhile to strengthen the immune system. In this way, the organism is stabilised and hardened against possible colds. In addition, the skin can also be cared for in this way, so that it feels softer and also softer after the sauna session. To enhance the positive effects of the bio-sauna even more, a subsequent massage can be very helpful.

Several alternating passes

As a rule, a bio-sauna consists of several sessions. This involves alternating between sweating and subsequent rest phases or even a short bath or shower with cold water. Because the temperatures in the bio-sauna are comparatively low, it is possible to stay in the sauna for up to half an hour. This is because the circulation is spared and not strained as in other types of sauna. In order to achieve a lasting effect, the bio sauna should be visited regularly and the rest phases or cooling down periods should always be observed.

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