Can you eat before going to the sauna?

We begin our answer to this question with a fundamental one: No! Immediately before going to the sauna, food should be avoided, only small light meals or really small snacks are tolerable.

There is a simple reason for our fundamental rejection. Digestion requires a lot of work from the body. In other words, the body needs energy to digest the food, the blood is largely "sent" through the intestines to absorb the usable components of the food. Initially, the organism has a lot to do with this. It is a well-known phenomenon that many people become sleepy after a good meal and are then not really useful for further activities.

In the sauna, too, the circulatory system has a lot of work to do, mainly due to the stress of the high temperatures and high humidity. Despite the positive health effects, the body has a lot to do with regulating the body temperature in the sauna.

If digestion and sauna sessions are combined, an overload of the circulatory system often occurs. Less and less blood is made available for the circulation of the brain; mild to moderate attacks of weakness, dizziness up to disturbances of consciousness can be the unpleasant consequences.

For these reasons, the direct combination of food and sauna is not recommended and should be avoided. After all, you really want to enjoy your sauna session and not just endure it while feeling weak and dizzy. Therefore, refrain from eating before you go to the sauna and only eat light meals directly afterwards. You will be doing your body and yourself a real favour.

And what about drinking?

There is a misconception in many parts of the population that you should drink a lot during a sauna session. The reason given for this is the relatively high loss of fluids while sweating in the sauna. But this basic assumption is wrong.

If you want to sauna properly and effectively, you should refrain from drinking during the sauna session, especially during the sweating phase. Sweating in the sauna sets in motion a process that purifies the body, filters out toxins and at the same time flushes out excess water from the tissues. If you drink during this process, this process is interrupted. The effectiveness of the sauna on purifying and detoxifying the body is limited.

In addition, the "preparation" of the drinks by the body also requires some energy, which is then no longer available for temperature equalisation. It also makes little sense to "fill up" with liquids directly before the sauna. The effect is almost nil, only the unpleasant feeling of pressure in the bladder increases.

It is more advisable to drink a reasonable amount of fluids after the sauna. Mineral water, light fruit juices and tea are recommended, drunk in small sips and neither too hot nor too cold. Coffee and alcoholic or very sugary drinks should be avoided.

Those who do not necessarily combine their sauna session with food and drink generally experience the best health effects. Therefore, of course, no one has to do without a healthy amount of food and drink. However, these should ideally be consumed after the sauna session.

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