Taking a sauna - how often is appropriate?

The duration of a sauna session

A typical sauna session usually lasts about 15 minutes. During this time, sauna guests experience the climax of the infusion, during which hot water with essential oils is poured onto the sauna stones to spread a pleasant fragrance. Experienced sauna visitors can enjoy up to three such infusions, while it is advisable for beginners to participate in only one infusion at first. It is particularly advisable for first-time visitors not to take a seat at the very top of the sauna cabin, as the heat accumulates particularly strongly there. An infusion can, but does not necessarily have to, last the full 15 minutes. For beginners, 8 to 12 minutes is quite sufficient.

Proper breaks between sauna sessions

You should take adequate breaks between sauna sessions to give your body time to regenerate. Immediately after taking a sauna, it is important to cool the body down slowly. A short walk in the fresh air for about 2 minutes can be helpful. Simple walking is sufficient to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the circulation. After a sauna session, you should always take a shower to wash off the sweat. The duration of the breaks between sauna sessions should ideally be about 30 to 45 minutes, but at least as long as the previous infusion lasted.

Ice bath or cold water shower?

Some sauna-goers swear by the ice bath or cold-water pool to cool the body down quickly after a sauna session. This is said to stimulate circulation and strengthen the immune system. While this is undoubtedly beneficial to health, it can be off-putting for sensitive minds. However, an ice bath is not a compulsory exercise. If you prefer a gentler approach, you can simply take a cold shower. It is important to start at the foot and slowly work your way up. The upper body should be the last to be showered. Afterwards, a warm footbath can soften the immediate cold and help to normalise the body temperature. As with the infusions, the same applies here: Don't overdo it! An ice bath or spending time in the cold water pool should only be done for a short time. After cooling down, it is important to dry off thoroughly.

Don't forget to hydrate

During a sauna session, the body loses a considerable amount of fluid through sweating. It is therefore extremely important to drink enough after taking a sauna. Unsweetened drinks are ideal, especially mineral water rich in calcium and magnesium. But fruit teas and diluted fruit juices are also good for restoring the body's fluid balance. Highly sugary drinks such as fruit juices or soft drinks as well as alcohol should be avoided at all costs.

Relaxation and rest during breaks

In most saunas there are special relaxation rooms that offer sauna guests the opportunity to rest and relax after a sauna session. This is especially beneficial after an infusion. Here you can wrap yourself in a bathrobe and wait for your circulation to return to normal. Many people use these breaks to have a drink or even a short sleep. For this reason, it is inappropriate to have loud conversations or telephone calls in the rest rooms. If you do not want to sleep, you can take a good book with you or listen to soft music through headphones.

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