What can I do wrong when taking a sauna?

The answer to this question is as complex as what you can do right. Basic rules for visiting the sauna apply in the public sauna and in the private area. After all, going to the sauna is just as effective as the right behaviour before, during and after. In the following, we will show you the most common mistakes made before, during and after a sauna session.

Wrong: Eat something quickly, drink a lot and then go to the sauna. After all, no one should go hungry or thirsty when they're already sweating without doing any work.

Right: Don't go to the sauna with a full stomach. For healthy sweating, the body needs an unencumbered circulation. If you have really filled up your stomach before the sauna, a lot of blood is needed for digestion. When exposed to heat, you may feel dizzy or even faint. You should also only drink moderately and in small sips. Incidentally, you should neither eat nor drink during the sweating itself.

Wrong:Time is running out, but there should still be enough time for a sauna. So run to the sauna and then quickly into the sweat cabin.

Right:The sauna should be relaxing. This already applies to the preparation. Plan enough time, go to the sauna relaxed and without time pressure and take time for the right preparation for the sauna session. The first way is not into the sweat cabin, but under the shower after changing.

Wrong:Time is money! Take off your clothes and get into the sauna stark naked. After all, you want to sweat all over and you have nothing to hide.

Right: Even now, the rule is: strength lies in rest. Undress slowly, use a sauna towel in the public sauna and at least one towel at home. On the one hand, you should not sit directly on the hot wood of the sauna benches; on the other hand, it is a question of consideration for others not to present yourself completely in your Adam's costume. As we all know, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. So at least cover your pubic area. When it comes to hygiene, a little more coverage is better than nothing. And you will certainly sweat under the sauna towel.

Wrong:It's best to sit on the upper bench. That's where you get the most heat, saving you time in the sauna.

Correct:It is recommended to ascend in stages in the sauna. This gives your body the opportunity to gradually adjust to the special temperature conditions in the sauna. Work your way up from the bottom. By the way, the temperature differences in a well-tempered sauna are not that great. Only during the sauna infusion does it get really hot at the top, because the steam first rises and then slowly sinks. Incidentally, a sauna session only makes sense if it is sufficiently long. This applies equally to the top and the bottom of the sauna. A good sauna session lasts 10 to 15 minutes in the sweat room alone. Then there are the cool-down and recovery phases. In total, you need about half an hour for a complete sauna session. Repeating it two or three times is recommended.

Wrong: Staying in the sweat room for half an hour at a time increases the effect. And no one needs to cool down after sweating anyway.

Correct:A sweat session in the sauna should not last longer than 15 minutes. Anything else puts excessive strain on the circulation and ruins the positive effect of the sauna. The art of sauna bathing is to find the right balance between sweating, cooling down and resting. A lot does not always help a lot.

Wrong:Socialising is fun. That's why I chat up everyone in the sauna. For me, that's pure relaxation.

Correct:For others, your topics of conversation may not be relaxing. Even talkative types are allowed to keep calm in the sauna. Ultimately, the sauna should be relaxing and restful for all users. And calmness and concentration on one's own body are part and parcel of proper healthy sweating. Constant conversation and busy socialising are usually distracting. Don't make yourself unpopular and postpone your chit-chat until after the sauna. You'll have plenty of time and opportunity for that with a light snack and a cool drink.

Wrong:No one can refuse a sip in honour. You should drink a lot in the sauna. And beer contains plenty of minerals, which keep my mineral balance stable.

Correct:In the sauna itself, there should be no drinking at all. And certainly no alcohol. Even though beer contains minerals and lots of calories, it is certainly not the right isotonic sauna drink. Glass bottles should also be taboo in the entire sauna area. At best, drink in the relaxation zone or in the break area. No alcohol there either, however, but preferably water with a high mineral content.

Wrong:Cleanliness is important. A good shower bath puts my skin in optimum condition after a hot sauna.

Correct:Even though a cold shower after the sauna is definitely recommended, you can safely do without any shower additives. After a properly conducted sauna session, your skin will be in better condition than ever before. The skin is now pore-deep clean and needs neither soaps nor creams nor perfumes. The sauna session has brought about a natural balance in your skin. You can also feel this in the much softer feel of your skin.

Wrong:Now let's get out of here. It took long enough to sweat, cool down and rest, and my bus is about to leave. Hurry is the order of the day.

Right:Even after the sauna, take enough time for the way home and the time afterwards. Nothing is more foolish now than rushing and hurrying. Also relax after the sauna and give your body and mind time to slowly adjust to everyday life again. That way you will get more out of the sauna.

Wrong:Nothing is better than a complete wellness day. So after the sauna I take a hot herbal bath and then sit in the nicely heated whirlpool.

That's right:After the extensive sauna session, no further heat treatments should follow. Only after a break of several hours do other heat treatments make sense. Consider the sauna as the wellness highlight of the day. Perhaps complete the sauna session with a subsequent massage or a good film. This way you give your body more opportunity to regenerate and switch back to everyday life. It is not the quantity that is important, but the quality.

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